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Automated Blood Culture SystemBC64

Innovative system provides non-invasive automated continuous monitoring for every individual bottle.

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  • Automated Blood Culture System



    1. Capacity: 64 bottles

    2. Working principle: Colorimetric technology

    3. Culture bottles (stored in room temperature) available: aerobic for adult, anaerobic for adult, aerobic for pediatric and L-form

    4. Barcode scanning input

    5. Real-time display of incubation temperature and growth graphic

    6. Flexible and convenient historical data query and statistics functions

    7. External computer connected and expandable modular design

    8. Easy operation: open the door - scan the bottle - input the bottle - close the door


Innovative system provides non-invasive automated continuous monitoring for every individual bottle.

Simple operation and dual barcode management system for random access or preset entry of bottle.

Expandable modular design, standard configuration with one module which accommodates 64 test bottles, can be extended up to 128 test bottles, model BC64,BC128,BC256 are available.


Capacity: 64 culture bottles

All procedures are easy and simple for “scan barcode” to “load vials”, maximumly save time and simply the workflow.

Display of real-time growth curve.

Designed with colorimetric technology, compatible with other instrument /media based on the same technology.

Extendable modular design.

Independent function unit in separate modular for each 16 bottles holder, easy for maintenance.

Support remote controller, bidirectional interface available for HIS or LIS.



Weight: 51KGS

Operation temperature: 5~30℃

Operation humidity:≤80%%

Voltage: AC100-240V

Four types of culture media available:

Aerobic for Adult, Anaerobic for Adult, Aerobic for Pediatric and L-Form

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