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Hospital-enterprise cooperation丨Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital Blood Transfusion Department-Render Biotech.,Ltd.Release time:2024-01-04    16:27:03

At the beginning of 2024, Render Biotech Co., Ltd. and the Blood Transfusion Department of Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital formally reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will cooperate in the research and development of blood transfusion related products, the clinical application of products and other areas.

Through the cooperation between the hospital and the enterprise, we can realize the combination of strength and complementary advantages, further focus on the clinical product demand and application scenarios, concentrate on product research and development, bring more and better products to the clinic, and jointly contribute to China's blood transfusion medicine!

The listing of the "Joint R&D Base" will also provide stronger guidance and support for Render's future product line development!

The Blood Transfusion Department of Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital was established in 1953 when the hospital was founded to form a blood bank under the Laboratory Department, and became an independent department in September 1988, becoming the earliest established blood transfusion department in Shanxi Province. Blood transfusion is an important part of the work of the hospital, and is an irreplaceable means of treatment for clinical rescue and treatment of diseases, which is directly related to the safety of patients' lives. The Department of Blood Transfusion has rich clinical experience in massive blood transfusion, emergency blood transfusion, difficult blood matching, autologous blood collection and preservation, platelet antibody screening, blood treatment and patient blood management. Since the establishment of the Blood Transfusion Department, the staff of the department has always regarded "blood transfusion safety" as the top priority of their work, firmly established the service consciousness of serving patients wholeheartedly, provided safe, timely and effective services for clinics 24 hours a day, and provided consulting services on blood transfusion for patients and their family members all year round. We also constantly learn and master advanced knowledge and technology of blood transfusion at home and abroad, which improves the technical level of blood transfusion and the ability to rescue critically ill patients in our hospital, and greatly reduces the adverse reactions caused by blood transfusion, such as fever, allergy and hemolysis.

Tests carried out in the department include ABO blood group identification, RhD, RhC, RhE, erythrocyte irregularity antibody screening, microcolumn gel method, polyglutamine and other techniques for cross-matching, difficult cross-matching, direct anti-human globulin test, thromboelastography and platelet antibody test. Blood products available for clinical patients include suspended red blood cells, washed red blood cells, frozen and thawed de-glycerinated red blood cells, single platelet collection, cold-precipitated clotting factors, frozen plasma and RhD negative suspended red blood cells. In terms of blood treatment, our department can collect autologous blood and preserve it to solve the problem of elective surgery blood for patients with special blood type; bloodletting therapy for the treatment of true erythrocytosis and so on.

There are 10 staff members in the Blood Transfusion Department, including 1 chief technologist, 1 deputy chief physician, 1 deputy chief technologist, 4 supervising technologists, 3 laboratory technologists, including 2 master's degree holders.

For many years, the department has participated in the inter-room quality evaluation activities of Clinical Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health with full scores. Every year, our department also undertakes the clinical blood transfusion teaching of interns from several medical schools and advanced students from our supporting hospitals, and has published many papers in SCI, national core and provincial medical journals and magazines, among which 2 are SCI.

Director Dawei Xu : chief technician, bachelor's degree, director of blood transfusion department, as the honorary president of Shanxi Provincial Physicians Association Transfusion Physicians Branch, Shanxi Provincial Medical Association Transfusion Medicine Specialized Committee, vice chairman of the core journals published a number of papers.

Founded in 2016,Render Biotech Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, marketing and service of innovative products in the field of medical in vitro diagnostics, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the globe. 2021 by Sequoia Capital China and Qiming Venture Capital, we completed our Series A financing. The company has a series A round of financing.

Render has three series of products: thrombus and coagulation test, microbiology test, and POCT biochemistry/immunoassay, among which, the fully automated thromboelastography series products have the absolute leading edge of innovation in the global market, and the single-sample chemiluminescence immunoassay series products have reached the international first-class quality level. Ward Life's mission: Focus on value creation, serve life with quality and innovation.