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High Throughput Automated ThromboelastographyIHTEG12

The Thromboelastography System is a detection device which can perform dynamic analysis of clotting factor activation, platelet aggregation, fibrinolysis, etc.

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Innovative walkaway automation

No manual work from sampling to report

High-throughput solution for big hospitals


Automated and Non-Stop procedure from scan of barcodes, sampling, testing to final report.

Simply place the sample tubes and test cartridges on respective area.

One Simple Click to start the whole process, minimize labor and time costs.

12 test channels for 12 simultaneous and independent testing.

High-throughput: 24 tests/hour.

96 positions for cartridge, 96 tests can be obtained after one single loading.

All reagents are prepared and sealed in one cartridge according to test item.

Eliminate manual work and extra time in hospital for reagents preparation.

Best homogeneity of reagents guaranteed by automation and strict QC, reduce manual errors.

Standard, rapid TEG,TEG with heparinase, functional fibrinogen, platelet mapping

AA /ADP, AA+ADP tests etc. and can be extendable to meet a wide range of requirments.



Voltage210-240VAC, 50Hz

Operation temperature:15-30

Operation humidity:20-80%

R, K, Angle, MA:CV<10%

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