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POCT CLIA Automated Analyzer


POCT cheminluminescence analyzer is a quantitative and accurate immunoassay analysis system. It utilizes the ALP-APS-5 enzymatic cheminluminescence system which is easy to operate and fast to measure. The advanced magnetic bead separation technology is adopted to minimize interference and greatly improves the precision of detection. Besides, our novel 3x2 / 6x2 channel design makes the system more flexible. The analyzer is not only suitable for clinical laboratory, but also ideal for POCT.


Accuracy born of Sensitivity


Adoption of the recognized standard -- chemiluminescence technology of myocardial marker detection

Cut-off value (CV)< 3%

1 step to get the result within 15 minutes

1 click to complete the whole graphic process

1 instrument to test 3 sample types: whole blood, plasma, serum

6 channels are divided into 3 independent sets and 12 channels into 6 independent sets, which largely shortens turnaround time and makes the system more efficient

No fluid system inside the instrument, which avoids reagent residue and contamination risk

Single-packaged cartridge design reduces the reagent vapour and prolongs shelf life




Operation temperature15-30

Throughput24 tests/h

Voltage100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Test itemscTnICK-MBMyoNTproBNPD-DimerhsCRPPCTSAAIL-6