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Automated Thromboelastography System


The Thromboelastography System  is a detection device which can perform dynamic analysis of clotting factor activation, platelet aggregation, fibrinolysis, etc. By physically transforming the elastic strength of the blood clot into a graphical representation, the patient's coagulation-fibrinolysis can be completely presented, and the blood coagulation condition can be visually judged and analyzed. Coagulation assessment is often used to predict clinical conditions, such as postoperative bleeding, thrombosis during extracardiac surgery or postoperative surgery, organ transplantation, trauma, and thrombosis during or after cardiac surgery.


Innovative walkaway automation
No manual work from sampling to report
High-throughput solution for big hospitals


Innovative walkaway automation

Modular design, Parallel processing

Patent cartridge design for optimal performance

Various test items available




Operation temperature:15-30

Operation humidity:20-80%