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POCT cheminluminescence analyzer is a quantitative and accurate immunoassay analysis system. It utilizes the ALP-APS-5 enzymatic cheminluminescence system which is easy to operate and fast to measure.

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Accuracy born of Sensitivity


Adoption of the recognized standard -- chemiluminescence technology of myocardial marker detection

Cut-off value (CV)< 6%

1 step to get the result within 17 minutes

1 click to complete the whole graphic process

1 instrument to test 3 sample types: whole blood, plasma, serum

6 channels are divided into 3 independent sets and 12 channels into 6 independent sets, which largely shortens turnaround time and makes the system more efficient

No fluid system inside the instrument, which avoids reagent residue and contamination risk

Single-packaged cartridge design reduces the reagent vapour and prolongs shelf life




Operation temperature15-30

Throughput24 tests/h

Voltage100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Test itemscTnICK-MBMyoNTproBNPD-DimerhsCRPPCTSAAIL-6

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